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medical marketingMedical Brand Marketing has quickly become a top physician medical marketing firm based in Dallas, Texas and supports Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas.  Whether you are a new practice opening up or an established practice, we have proven marketing strategies to grow your revenues, increase your patient base and boost your office efficiencies.

We Deliver on Expectations

Our proven marketing strategies consist of four areas that deliver on expectations: build your brand, build patient traffic, build referrals and build your reputation.  If you are looking for marketing strategies that produce results that are on-time and on-budget, then contact us today.

Our Goal is to Build your Brand and Grow your Business!

Marketing Physician Practices

medical brand marketing for physicians

Medical Brand Marketing is a sought after medical marketing agency based in Dallas, Texas and supports Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas.  Our team is focused on marketing physician practices by building their medical brand, increasing their visibility and fortifying their reputation through the implementation of our proven marketing strategies.  Because every medical practice is different, we know there is no “one size fits all” strategy.  We have developed and executed many marketing plans, each tailored to grow our clients’ medical practice.

It matters who you choose as your marketing partner.  When we are selected, we take our role very seriously.  That is why we are confident we can create, manage and successfully execute a marketing plan for your medical practice that will properly build a local presence and in turn grow your patient base.  Contact us for a free marketing consultation.

Building A Successful Medical Practice

At Medical Brand Marketing, we are straightforward and upfront about the types of results you can (and should) expect during and after a marketing campaign.  We spend as much time as necessary to ensure we understand your medical practice and what your brand goals are so we can determine which marketing assets will prove most useful for your overall strategy.  We have a wealth of knowledge across all the major sectors of marketing a medical practice including:

Cost-Effective Marketing

Whether you want to increase your patient referrals from referring physicians, rethink your brand image, retrain your staff on customer service or strengthen your online reputation, Medical Brand Marketing has the knowledge and history of success to ensure that your practice’s marketing strategy is both effective and cost-effective.  If at any time you want us to explain how or why we did something, we will be happy to do so.  We also understand that, sometimes, needs change.  When that happens, we will work with you through each marketing component to ensure that your goals are aligned with the strategy that we create for you.

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For more information about the physician marketing services that Medical Brand Marketing can offer you and your practice, please feel free to call us at 972-839-4816, or fill out the contact form. We hope to hear from you!


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Satisfied Clients

Hiring Medical Brand Marketing was the best decision I made. Not only have they increased my patient referrals but they have changed the culture of my staff. I am very grateful for their marketing strategies.
R. Mobarak


We have hired many marketing firms in the past but none compare to Medical Brand Marketing. They took the time needed to understand my practice goals and implemented a marketing strategy that was on-time and on-budget.
J. Benae

Spine Surgeon