Not only did the team at Medical Brand Marketing provide my staff with the tools to track and monitor patient intake stats, but they also spent the time to train them on how to best use the tools.

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Staff Training

Having successfully marketed many different physician practices, one thing we have consistently found is the strength of your team depends on the effort placed in training your staff.  Your staff is your most valuable asset. They can make or break your practice. In fact, one study suggests that a typical doctor’s office will lose up to $50,000 in annual revenue based on poor telephone skills. Medical Brand Marketing can easily integrate the necessary tools to ensure that your staff has the necessary training to provide excellent patient service.

Establishing Staff Goals

Your staffs’ two primary goals should be to improve patient satisfaction and to build patient trust.  We work with your staff in several areas to improve patient satisfaction, establish new standards for building patient trust and to initiate processes for tracking physician referrals.

Referral Tracking

We know it is important for you to know where your patient referrals are coming from. It lets you know how effective our marketing campaigns are. It also lets you know which doctors have increased their referrals, and in some cases, decreased their referrals.  Patient referrals are easily tracked through solutions that do not add extra work on your staff.  We train your staff on how to log patients referral information from your EMR system or from our easy to use spreadsheet.  Being accurate and consistent with the referral information gives you and us a clear picture of our marketing efforts.

Additional Staff Services

We want to make sure every patient is treated in a manner that represents you, which is why we invest time into monitoring staff behaviors, observing staff interactions with patients, track phone conversations and note how often phone calls are answered or sent to voice mail.

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