I knew reviews were important but with a busy medical practice, I had no idea on how to get my patients to provide feedback on how we were doing. Medical Brand Marketing provided an automated solution that has not only strengthened our online reputation but also dramatically improved how our staff treats our patients.
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Reputation Marketing

When patients go online looking for a physician or surgeon, they first look for reviews. They want to know what others are saying online to determine if the physician is trustworthy. In fact, 72% of local patients trust online reviews as much as a personal referral from a family member or friend. Reviews are important and every medical practice must have a way to gather and promote reviews.


Stop Marketing A Bad Reputation

More than 63% of medical practices have old reviews, bad reviews or no reviews. Yet most medical practices are spending a lot of money on their online visibility and no money on their online reputation. If you have bad reviews, and you are spending money on online visibility then you are marketing a bad reputation. Why? Because your bad reviews are now highly visible. That is why we build your online reputation first. Medical Brand Marketing offers medical practices a proprietary software that gathers patient reviews, promotes the positive reviews and manages the negative reviews with a simple automated system. Our system includes:

  • Web-based Sign-In Form
  • Automated Email Campaign
  • Opt-In Opt-Out Protection
  • One Simple Discovery Question
  • Feedback Resolution Component
  • Dashboard to Read Your Reviews

Keep Track of our Progress

We love showing off our work which is why we provide regular reports showing our efforts. You will never wonder what we are doing, but rather you will be always informed of our results.


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Patient Search Behavior

  • read reviews before selecting a doctor 97% 97%
  • read online reviews to determine trust 72% 72%
  • will call a practice they trust 55% 55%
  • wrote a bad review for dispute resolution 24% 24%

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